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Toyota Kijang Innova

2 Stage Paint Correction, detailing, 2 layer coating application, Ceramic Coating

Kijang Innova ceramic coating

Innova dengan paint protection ceramic coating

Lexus RX 350 enhancement details and protection with Ceramic Coating

2 Stage Paint Correction; 1 layer Ceramic Coating Protection


Lexus RX

RX 350

Karstadt Detail

Car Detailing and Paint Protection Center

Jl. Krukut Raya No. 17, Cinere – Depok

Phone : 021 754 8495

Toyota Yaris

Paint Protection dengan Ceramic Coating, 2 langkah paint correction



Toyota New Yaris

Mercedes ML 320, Black Sapphire

2 Stage Paint Correction and Detailing

Paint Protection with Ceramic Coating, 2 layer 7H coating


Mercedes M class

Mercedes ML 320