The ArtDeNano coating are also known as poor wetting surfaces and protects the treated material surface, like Paint, plastic and metal. Where water tries to minimize contact with a surface. It is formulated to create a hydrophobic motion on the treated material surface.

  • Easy Clean characteristic
  • Acid and alkaline protection
  • Protected against light abrasion
  • Anti microbial protection, inhibition of algae growth
  • Hydrophobic action
  • Durability is optimal 6 months

General Description of the Chemical

ArtDeNano, hydrophobic well-formulated chemical will have a contact angle that is ranging from 100 degrees to 105degrees. Upon contact with a hydrophobic surface, water droplets will become a ball-up shape instead of wide spreading out on any surface.

Chemical Construction

ArtDeNano- hydrophobic

Basically the formula is base on popular Flourinated Silazane to form Nano film on the treated material surface.With the conversion of the chemical it forms a hydrophobic surface to repel water and non bonding of dirt from surface.

Basic Technical Data

Index Chemical name Concentration
1 Fluorinated silazane 1% to 2%
2 ethanol >75%



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