The ArtDeSpiros 3 and 5 coating are also known as poor wetting surfaces and protects the treated material surface, like Paint, plastic and metal. Where water tries to minimize contact with a surface. It is formulated to create a hydrophobic motion on the treated material surface.
• Easy Clean characteristic
• Acid and alkaline protection
• Protected against light abrasion
• Anti microbial protection, inhibition of algae growth
• Hydrophobic action
• Durability is optimal 6 months to 12 months with proper care.
General Description of the Chemical

ArtDeSpiros 3 and 5, hydrophobic well-formulated chemical will have a contact angle that is ranging from 105 degrees to 115degrees. Upon contact with a hydrophobic surface, water droplets will become a ball-up shape instead of wide spreading out on any surface.

Chemical Construction

Basically the formula is base on popular Flourinated Silazane to form Nano film on the treated material surface. With the conversion of the chemical it forms a hydrophobic surface to repel water and non bonding of dirt from sur
Index Chemical name Concentration
1 Fluorinated silazane 3% to 5%
2 ethanol >75%face.

artdeshine ceramic coating


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